Next level of test automation with model-based testing

In the context of a large software testing company with offices in Turkey and the UK, we have used the model-based testing approach since 2018 to take our test automation efforts to the next level. We used model-based testing for automated design of test cases and also for automated test execution. For this purpose, we have chosen a popular open-source model-based testing tool, called GraphWalker, and by systematic design of test models (state charts) using GraphWalker, we have observed numerous benefits in improving our test-case design practices, and have shifted our test-design practices from ad-hoc to systematic approaches. The model-based testing approach has also provided other benefits in terms of improved test coverage (number of paths tested) and also the fault detection effectiveness of our tests (our tests now have higher ability to find defects). Furthermore, we have integrated GraphWalker to Selenium and we can now automate the execution of the tests generated automatically from models. We have applied model-based testing to test several large web applications for many of our clients, and also for testing our own test tools. The two speakers will share the experience and insights from the several software test automation projects in this talk. We will also provide many hands-on examples. By learning from the ideas presented in the talk, the attendees will be able to consider applying model-based testing in their own test projects.