Continuous Application Security

I will be talking about what Continuous Application Security (CAS) is and the benefits that it has over the traditional approach to application security that are over reliant on manual processes and lengthy scans.

CAS breaks down scanning processes into specific checks that run continuously and accurately during the development process. It also enables timely response to new attacks and vulnerabilities that emerge in both custom code and third party components. It helps development and security work together effectively, enabling them to create, deploy, and operate applications faster and more securely.

Key takeaways: - What Continuous Application Security is - Overview of IAST & RASP - How it fits into a DevSecOps pipeline - The benefits of CAS over SAST & DAST

Disclaimer that my employer’s product is in this area so I will be using it to visualise some of the points I will be making, but it won’t be a sales pitch!